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Professional Development: Computer Courses

Guide for professional development found through library databases.

Computer Basics

Computer Basics

Sometimes when helping patrons librarians wonder if they even know the basics of how a computer works. Well, if that is the case this course is here to help. Computer basics come easier to some users than to others so in order to cover everything this course breaks down the basic components of a computer, goes over the different devices that work with a computer, and even goes over basic file management as well as the copy and paste functions. There is a quiz at the end of this course to test the user's knowledge after finishing.  

Microsoft Office - Word

Niche academy has many courses on the full Microsoft Office suite but Microsoft Office Word is the program that seems to cause the most problems with patrons. This is the perfect course for patron to take to learn how to use Microsoft Word. It begins with a simple introduction into the program and then goes over the different features found in Word as well as giving spots for the user to try what they are learning. They test their knowledge as they go which will help them retain it better. 


Window Basics

Most public library computers are PCs which use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Sometimes it is easier to take a course on how Windows works than it is to poke around with the system. This course starts with an introduction and then continues with navigating the different parts of the system like the desktop, the start menu, and more. This course covers everything that you will need to know to get started using a windows computer. 

Internet Basics

Facebook - From Signing Up to Setup

How often are librarians asked to help with Facebook? Probably more times than anyone keeps track of. This is because the popular social media site is gaining traction with the older generations who do not necessarily know a lot about computers or social media. Thankfully there is a course on Niche Academy that will help with this. The course on Facebook will take the user through how to sign up for an account, how to actually set up the account after it is created, and even some privacy tips to protect their account. This course will hopefully answer the basic questions that patrons have one working with this platform. 


Internet Safety

One of the most important parts of knowing how to use a computer and the internet is knowing proper internet safety. This is something that it talked about all the time but many people don't know how to teach themselves to be safe on the internet. The course begins with an introduction and then moves on into the different areas that require the safety such as email, browsers, and more. 



Getting an email address through Google is one of the most common addresses to get and opens up a world of online options through Google. The course includes an introduction, how to set up an account, and how to use it once you have it set up. The usage includes sending and replying to emails, resetting a forgotten password, and how to use the app for different types of mobile devices.