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Summer Reading .... Virtually: Home

So you find yourself unable to hold your traditional summer reading program. Here are some ideas that you can use

We'll be OK

We don't know what the future holds.  Many of us are facing unknown circumstances surrounding this year.  We don't know if our libraries will be open.  We don't know if patrons will want to come into our libraries yet.  Summer reading will need to change to a more virtual program in order to reach people who can't enter the library building or attend large group programs.  And that is OK.  We've never done a summer reading program during a worldwide pandemic.  It will look different!  And it will be a new experience for all of us - Libraries and Patrons!

Bank of North Dakota


Census K-12 Activities

Calming thought

Summer Reading is


going to look the same

this year...and that is



Some ideas if you are feeling overwhelmed in the face of offering a Summer Reading program

  • Start later - You don't have to start on June 1st!
  • Shorten your program - the program doesn't need to be all summer long
  • Offer a fall program instead
  • Simplify your requirements
  • Cut back on what you offer