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Small but mighty, North Dakota is home to more than 774,948 people. Boasting large, wide open plains, rugged badlands, and many scenic highways, North Dakota's landscape is as beautiful as its people. North Dakota's heritage is a combination of five indigenous tribes, German-Russian, and Scandinavian people. Frequently using "uffda" and "ope!" the reputation of being "North Dakota nice" remains strong and alive.

Fun Facts: 

  • North Dakota has 83 public libraries, 400+ school libraries, 23 academic libraries, 5 tribal academic libraries, 25 tribal school libraries and 11 special libraries.
  • The state library was established in 1907 with Zana K. Miller as the first librarian. 
  • North Dakota holds the world's largest buffalo monument and many other metal structures including a cow, crane, fish, and grasshopper.
  • North Dakota holds the record for the most snow angels made simultaneously in one place - over 8,962 people gathered at the state capitol in 2007 to beat the old record. 

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