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Digital Initiatives: North Dakota State Documents Collection

Digital Initiatives department at the North Dakota State Library

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North Dakota State Documents Collection

North Dakota State Documents is a collection of government publications, reports, videos, newsletters, etc. generated by North Dakota state agencies since pre-statehood to today. Items from the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches are included.

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About the Collection

This collection includes digitized reports, publications, videos, etc. from many different state agencies. The collection includes items from the Executive, Legislative, and the Judicial Branch.

  • To browse all of the subcollections for this collection, click on the "Subcollections" tab above.
  • To view the full list of state agencies represented within the collection, click on the "State Agencies" tab above.

Collection Notes

  • State Agencies - North Dakota state agencies have often changed names over the years. The name of the state agency as it appeared during the time of publication will be reflected in the item's "Creator" field. The modern name of the agency will be reflected in the "State Agency" field. More information on this is available in the collection's metadata procedures document.
  • Separation - Although this is a collection dedicated to items relating to North Dakota government, not all state publications will appear here. For example, if a state agency's items in the collection grow to a large amount, they may be given their own collection. Or, if it would make more sense to add a state document to a different collection, this will be done. Below is an example of both of these scenarios.
    • North Dakota School for the Deaf - Although the school is a state entity, the school's digital content grew large enough to earn its own digital collection.
    • Prairie Recipes - State publications relating to cooking guides, recipes, etc. were added to this collection instead of the State Documents collection because of applicability.
Governing North Dakota

Educational text published by the University of North Dakota's Bureau of Governmental Affairs every biennium explaining the legislative process on the state and national level.

Laws Passed by the ND Legislative Assembly

Published summaries of the laws passed during Dakota Territory and North Dakota legislative sessions.

ND Legislative Journals

Journals of the House and Senate for the sessions of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly.

ND Military Rosters

These documents contain the names and information of North Dakota veterans who proudly served in the United States Armed Forces during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and beyond. These publications are further organized into sections:

ND State Agency Newsletters

Newsletters published by state agencies. In some cases, if enough state agency newsletters are digitized and added to the collection, they may be further divided into their own sections. Below is a list of these sections.

ND State Agency Publications

Publications created by various state agencies. In some cases, if enough state agency publications are digitized and added to the collection, they may be further divided into their own sections. Below is a list of these sections.

ND State Agency Reports

Annual reports, biennial reports, and other reports published by state agencies, commissioners, boards, etc. In some cases, if enough state agency reports are digitized and added to the collection, they may be further divided into their own sections. Below is a list of these sections.

ND State Document Videos

Videos generated by various state agencies. In some cases, if the videos are part of a series or enough state agency videos are digitized and added to the collection, they may be further divided into their own sections. Below is a list of these sections.

  • Conversations in North Dakota History - One-on-one conversations with scholars during the late 1980s about North Dakota history and the Northern Plains.
  • ND Housing Videos - A video series from the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency providing an overview of the agency and its services.
  • ND Tourism Videos - Promotional videos about North Dakota and its attractions.
  • ND Voting Videos - A video series from the North Dakota Department of State in conjunction with the Help America Vote Act (HACA) that provides an overview of voting rules, regulations, and procedures in North Dakota, focusing on specific groups.
  • Visions of the Past - In honor of North Dakota's centennial, throughout the state, individuals recreated the lives of local and national historical figures significant to North Dakota's history.

ND Supreme Court Cases

Published summaries of legal cases decided by the North Dakota Supreme Court.

North Dakota Magazine

Periodical put out by the Department of Agriculture and Labor to highlight the history of counties in North Dakota and the different crops being produced in the state.

State Agencies

Below is a list of state agencies, departments, divisions, commissions, entities, etc. that are represented within the North Dakota State Documents digital collection.

  • In most cases, the names reflected in this list depict the modern name of the agencies (as agencies often changed their names over the years).
  • In some cases, the agencies reflected in this list may no longer exist today (due to merging, disbanding, etc.).

If you would like to learn more about the history of any of these agencies, consult the State Historical Society of North Dakota's website.

Adjutant General

Bicentennial Commission

Board of Administration

Centennial Commission

Civil Air Patrol

Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce

Department of Emergency Services

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Immigration

Department of Labor and Human Rights

Department of Public Instruction

Department of State

Department of Transportation

Department of Water Resources - (formerly the 'State Water Commission')

Garrison Diversion

Game and Fish

Grafton State School

Forest Service

Housing Finance Agency

Legislative Assembly

Mill & Elevator Association

Office of the Governor

San Haven State Hospital - (initially the 'ND Tuberculosis Sanitarium/ Sanatorium')

State Historical Society of North Dakota

State Hospital

State Library

State Planning Board

Supreme Court

University System

Wheat Commission

Collection Guides

Contact Us: State Agencies

If any North Dakota state agencies are interested in having their historic documents (reports, publications, etc.) digitized and made available online, contact Digital Initiatives to learn more.

Other Digital Libraries

Some state agency reports and publications from North Dakota have been previously digitized by other organizations in the country. As a result, these documents are available online in collections or libraries other than Digital Horizons.

North Dakota State Library (State Document Depository)

The State Document Depository "collects, preserves, and disseminates all North Dakota state government documents produced for public use."

An increasing number of documents (especially the more modern ones) are available in PDF format, either in addition to or instead of in print. The ND State Library also retains these electronic versions and uploads them to its website. These documents can be accessed from the online library catalog (Polaris).

HathiTrust Digital Library

HathiTrust is "a partnership of academic and research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world."

Several years ago, Google undertook a massive digitization project with many library partners to scan their collections. A number of these partners were large university libraries (Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Michigan, Minnesota, California, etc.). These university libraries house historic documents that were published by North Dakota state agencies. As a result of this project, they were digitized by Google; and with another partnership, they were made available for searching and browsing on the HathiTrust Digital Library.

Many of these documents are also available on Google Books.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is "a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more."

Some North Dakota state documents have been digitized by private citizens or institutions and made available for searching and browsing on the Internet Archive.