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Professional Development: Home

Guide for professional development found through library databases.


Continuing education (CE) is defined as an in-person or online training or workshop that furthers knowledge related to libraries, management, or job-related duties. This can also be called Professional Development. 

There are many different types of professional development that are available depending on the profession. Some of these are: 

  1. Professional Conferences
  2. Classes at a college/ university
  3. Webinars
  4. Online courses

The options in each of these are seemingly endless and several are listed on this page. However, the LibGuide will focus on online opportunities more than in-person ones.

Where to Find Webinars

One of the most popular forms of professional development is webinars. There are many places that you can choose to find webinars and we wanted to highlight a few of the more popular ones here. Most of the webinars on the sites listed last 30-60 minutes. 

WebJunction: WebJunction is owned by OCLC and puts on webinars and courses in different categories topics for free to the library community. 

NCompassLive: This is a weekly webinar series put on by the Nebraska Library Commission. The webinars are free and span a variety of important topics in the library profession. 

TechSoup: Offers webinars on different topics that are technology based. These are things like how to develop a website for your nonprofit and even creating a culture of wellness in your nonprofit. The topics and webinars change each month so go often to see what appeals to you. 

Wyoming Training Calendar: This is a great calendar for free webinars from all over the country. It is a go-to for librarians and the ND State Library also posts all of our webinars on here. 

NDSL Webinars: This page lists the current and next month's webinars put on by the ND State Library. The page also has an embedded video of the previous month's webinar along with a link to the playlist of webinars.

Library 101: Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

Explore the list below to broaden your continuing education / professional development horizons.



  • Summer Summit (North Dakota State Library) – an annual library management symposium that invites library directors, board members, and staff are encouraged to attend
  • Research Methods (North Dakota State Library) – the course explores different types of research methods, library subscription databases, and internet search engines
  • Summer Reading Workshops (North Dakota State Library) – workshops hosted by NDSL staff on the upcoming Summer Reading Program

Professional Development can also include learning new skills that will help you improve your job performance. This may mean taking a class or course on website design or Excel spreadsheets. Here are a few examples of where you can take different courses: