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Public Library Director Toolkit


Collection Development and Reconsideration Policies are vital to the smooth running of a library. They explain the life cycle of your collection from selection to deselection and provide a mechanism through which patrons can express dissatisfaction with the collection. Library collections are built for the community that they serve. It is vital that the community know and understand how they can help form the library.

Collection Development Policies

Collection Development Policies should include provisions for the selection and purchase of materials (as well as any limitations), types of materials purchased, the purpose of the collection, what the library does with gifts and donations, how de-selection is handled, as well as the adoption of the Library Bill of Rights and Intellectual Freedom.

When outlining criteria for the children's collection, note the Miller Test for Minors.

Reconsideration Policies

Reconsideration Policies outline the process through which a patron can ask that items be relocated in (or removed from) the collection. It should allow for an informal request (a conversation without paperwork) and a formal process with a form and option for appeal.

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