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Public Library Director Toolkit

Library Policies and Procedures

The North Dakota Century Code provides two statues that give the power to create library policies to the library board. Policies should be written by the director before being reviewed, modified, and approved by the board. In order for a library to meet standard D21 of the Standards for Public Libraries, all library policies need to be "reviewed, and, if necessary, updated every 3 years."

"The board of directors shall have the following powers and duties...To make and adopt such bylaws, rules, and regulations for the management of the library and reading room as are expedient and not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter."

"Every library and reading room...shall be free for the use of inhabitants...subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the board of directors may deem necessary to adopt and publish to render the use of the library and reading room of the greatest benefit. The board may exclude from the use of the library and reading room any and all persons who willfully shall violate such rules."

Sample Policies and Procedures

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