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Digital Initiatives: Subscribe

Digital Initiatives department at the North Dakota State Library


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One way to follow Digital Initiatives is to view the department's posts on the ND State Library's blog. The posts include updates, information on upcoming events, and new project announcements; but they also include many other topics relating to digital projects, such as digitization, preservation, tips and tricks, recommendations and best practice, resources, and the occasional "just-for-fun" post.

You can also subscribe to the blog to be notified via email of new posts. Consult the PDF below for instructions on how to subscribe to the Digital Initiatives blog.

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Another way to follow Digital Initiatives is to subscribe to the newsletters of the North Dakota State Library. The Digital Initiatives department occasionally writes articles for these newsletters.

To stay up-to-date about services and programs available at the North Dakota State Library, sign up to have the ND State Library's newsletters delivered to you via email as soon as they are published.

In the Flickertale newsletter, the department has:

  • A monthly featured image from one of the ND State Library's digital collection. This reoccurring segment is called the "Digital Delight."
  • A monthly column called the "Digital Dimension."

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One final way to follow Digital Initiatives is via RSS, which is a web feed that allows users to track updates to online content. RSS is typically symbolized with an orange icon: blog icon

Subscribing via RSS typically involves a browser extension. If you do not have one, here are two good options: there is the Feeder browser extension for Firefox users, and the RSS Feed Reader browser extension for Chrome users. Both of these extensions are the same. They just have different names for some reason. Because they are the same browser extension, adding feeds to them will follow the same process.

If you already have a favorite RSS browser extension, go ahead and continue using that instead of adding a new one. However, the instructions provided on this guide on how to subscribe to feeds use the browser extensions mentioned above. Other RSS browser extensions surely follow a similar subscription process, but their steps will likely be slightly different.

Blog via RSS

If you would prefer to subscribe to the ND State Library’s blog via RSS instead of by email, there is a way to do this. Actually, there are two options. With RSS, you can:

  • Follow the blog in its entirety (you'll be notified when there is a new blog post from any person or department)
  • Follow the posts specifically relating to Digital Initiatives

If you need to subscribe manually, the RSS codes/ URLs for the blog are provided below; or if you need assistance subscribing to the blog via RSS, consult the PDF below.

Subscribe to one or more of the feeds to keep up with Digital Initiatives and the ND State Library.

News & Updates

Digital Initiatives has a "blog" called the Digital Dashboard. The blog does not really function as a normal blog. Think of it more as a Twitter feed. The posts are very brief and only provide updates/ links to recently published reports, lists, articles, etc. The blog does not really have original content, but rather it links to this content.

The "blog" was created as a way for users and followers of the ND State Library's digital collections and Digital Initiatives up to date on what's happening. It is a way for Digital Initiatives to highlight new activities in one convenient location.

If you would like to subscribe to this "blog" via email, follow these steps:

  • Go to the blog (
  • Scroll down until you see the Subscribe section on the right side of the page.
  • Enter your email address into the first box.
  • Click on the "Subscribe" button to begin receiving email notifications of new posts to the blog.

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Many of these resources and programs are funded under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.